What parents and students say

“Barry is an amazing teacher who is obviously very experienced and gives meaningful and relevant advice. He inspires me to do well and to strive to be the best that I can be. Barry’s ability to pass on his knowledge of music is second to none and as a student, my understanding of the stylistic aspect of each piece has drastically improved. He taught me that music is much more than just hitting keys on a piano! My playing now has shows much more character and feeling. Barry has definitely lifted my playing to a whole new level.” — Seb


“Barry has been my son’s piano teacher for about two and a half years. He has been learning for about four years.It certainly has been a good journey, he has shown my son that learning music is enjoyable, nothing stressful, even comes with the hard work of endless hours of practising, but at the end there is always the joy of being able to play the music pieces. Barry can always find ways to learn the most difficult part in a piece which without his methods it will end in frustration for my son in his learning. My son gets excited learning new pieces especially the ones that he likes and Barry often gives choices for him to choose and therefore my son always feels encouraged to practise the pieces until he can play them. He feels proud that he can play his pieces and that encourages him to learn more and at the same time he develops his skills, love and confidence in learning music. As a parent I enjoy working with Barry, supporting his teaching at home, trusting that he is able to handle my son’s learning needs. I have watched my son’s steady progress, as well as I feel assured that he has a teacher who he regards is important in his music journey.” — Kim